Tüpfelhausen e.V

About Us

Tüpfelhausen – Das Familienportal e.V. is a non-profit and state-approved association of the Freie Jugendhilfe. The association works mainly in three child and youth welfare areas:

a) Family education according to § 16 SGB VIII (Social Code Book) with the (trans-/intercultural) family centre Tüpfelhausen.

b) Informal child and youth education according to § 11 SGB VIII (Social Code Book) with the “Bildungszentrum G.E.O.R.G. – Kein Kind zurück-lassen” education centre.

c) (International and intercultural) democracy-promoting youth work according to § 11 SGB VIII (Social Code Book) with youth exchanges, youth meetings and the “Internationales, interkulturelles Fußballbegegnungsfest” football festival. Since May 2021, the association has also been overseeing a model project to reduce group-related misanthropy as part of the state programme “Weltoffenes Sachsen” (open-minded Saxony).

For several years, the association has been running a very popular family centre that is institutionally supported by the youth, family and education office (Amt für Jugend, Familie und Bildung) of the city of Leipzig. One of the centre’s focal points is on intercultural family education.

Since 1 September 2016, the association has also been running G.E.O.R.G., a centre for informal child and youth education. The centre was institutionally initiated and funded as a model project by the European Union. Since 1 January 2019, it has largely been funded by participant contributions and funds from the Leipzig job centre. The centre offers children and their legal guardians a broad programme for the academic development of children. Due

to the great success of the model year, the European Union extended the project twice. The motto of the project is to leave no child behind and to lastingly promote each child’s educational situation regardless of origin and social status.

The international youth division facilitates understanding and tolerance between cultures. The provider hosts various annual youth exchanges with its international partners from the Czech Republic and Israel. Additional working relationships are in place with youth agencies in Switzerland and the USA.

In Germany, the association carries out various projects every year on intercultural dialogue involving refugees.

With its “Internationales, interkulturelles Fußballbegegnungsfest” football festival, a project that fosters transnational democracy-promoting cultural remembrance work in sport, the association was awarded second place in the Julius Hirsch Prize 2017 of the German Football Association and in 2018 the “Active for Democracy and Tolerance” prize of the Federal Agency for Civic Education. Both prizes are considered the highest awards for commitment to civil society in Germany. The project also received the international “Johnny Klein Prize 2021” for the documentary “Eine Reise gegen das Vergessen” (a journey against forgetting).

There have been times when more than 60 volunteers supported the association’s projects. It also has full-time and part-time staff who ensure that all the association’s activities are of outstanding quality.

In Leipzig, Tüpfelhausen is a full member of the “Freier Träger der Stadt Leipzig” working group and of the “djo – Deutsche Jugend in Europa” federal association. The AGFT coordinates the activities of the child and youth welfare organisations according to SGB VIII (Social Code Book) in Leipzig. The djo is a Germany-wide umbrella organisation of international youth work and migrant self-organisations in Germany.